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Warehouse Management System

It facilitates and optimizes the physical management of raw materials and finished products in warehouses.

Optimize the processes

WMS – Warehouse Management System is the Waterfall module – from the Efashion Software suite dedicated to the fashion business – for the best possible management of physical warehouses, increasing their efficiency and reducing their costs.It allows for the quick and optimized management of raw materials (fabrics, hides, accessories) and finished products (hanging garments, folded garments, accessories), enabling you to work in real time via radio frequency. For attractive, efficient and well-organized warehouses, where everything has a place of its own.

With WMS, the ocean always appears calm and can be navigated easily in any direction. You can choose to go offshore or return to sunny beaches, following the most favourable currents and surfing the right waves.To face any journey safely and excitedly, with a full and orderly galley. WMS is the module for safely setting sail towards new territories with optimized warehouse management. It solves the logistical complexities that are characteristic of the fashion world, such as alternating seasons and collections, the wide variety of materials and components used, and the considerable quantity of multiple items for colour and size variations.



Made in and CITES management

It administers original garments that respect the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.


Quality control with statistic sampling and the possibility of direct interfacing with machinery (e.g., fabric inspection machines)

It verifies characteristics to fulfil all requirements.


Management of sorters, (PUT-TO-LIGHT) sorting systems and packaging lines

It easily identifies the items that are being searched for entering and exiting the warehouse.


General or rotational inventory

It accurately identifies warehouse and physical stocks.


Ability to carry out far-reaching statistics with an intuitive tool that can be implemented by users

It checks performances and monitors results.


E-COMMERCE management

– It offers speed in order preparation

– It ensures accuracy in order packing

– It imports and exports large amounts of data quickly and safely.

In addition

For a production/logistics manager...

… who needs to manage large flows of incoming or outgoing items in very concentrated periods of time.

Waterfall WMS offers all the power and flexibility necessary to best support growth processes and adapt to the rapid changes inherent in the fashion business.

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